12 Jul

A Letter From Our CEO

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Things have certainly changed at SPI over the past 25 years…  Prior to our birth, the world’s first personal computers were being debuted from IBM and apple, day planners and pencils were daily tools you never left home without, and computer watches were worn by George Jetson.


24 Mar

Data Security Lunch 'n Learn: Here's What You Missed


If you weren’t able to make it to Tuesday’s Lunch ‘n Learn held at the Buick Museum in Flint, no problem! Here’s a recap of what you missed…


16 Mar

Making the Switch: From On-Premises Solutions to Cloud Solutions


Making the decision to switch your business’ applications and processes from on-premises solutions to cloud solutions can be an intimidating task.  But you will be glad you did…


11 Mar

Are You Compliant With HIPAA?


Keeping your business’ and customers’ data safe is absolutely essential. If you are in the healthcare industry you know there is no exception to the strict standards and regulations. To be HIPAA compliant you must fulfill many components, if these components are not satisfied you run the risk of facing the unbendable penalties that come as a result of any violations.


25 Feb
22 Feb

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Spotting Online Scams

Let’s face it; Internet scammers have proven their intelligence and creativity when it comes to their attempts to steal from you and I. They don’t discriminate or care who you are; their only goal is to take your money and run! Unfortunately, they successfully fool millions of people every year, so they aren’t going anywhere. This just means you and I have to use a little more brainpower to keep them out of our pockets!!


10 Feb

The Scoop On Windows 10 Upgrades


Back in October, Microsoft announced plans to automatically update PCs to the Windows 10 platform. In that messaging, Microsoft was suggesting Windows 10 as a 'recommended' update - new plans announced have them starting this process and pushing automatic updates.


01 Feb

Is it Time to Change the Way you Spend?

So, who likes to talk about (and set, keep track of and evaluate) budgets? Yeah, us either. It’s a necessary but stressful part of running a business. When it comes to technology spending, many small businesses either don’t have a budget or don’t break it out from the full operating budget.


26 Jan

Post 5: A New Website Might be a Small Piece to a Large Marketing Strategy

Our enjoyable but bumpy ride of a journey is coming to an end…

With D-day rapidly approaching it was really tough balancing all of our other projects and work while sticking to our deadline of September 30th, 2015. But, like always… you just make it happen! It’s VERY important to stay ahead of your web designers; our biggest motivation was to never have them waiting on us. It’s tough, but your project will move along so much smoother if you have all of your content created before they need it.


22 Jan

Why Data Backup is Actually Important.

Data backup is a touchy subject to bring up to customers because let’s be honest – does anyone ever back up like they’re supposed to, or check to make sure their stuff is really backed up?


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